Service with Attitude

We’re Closing (For Now)

We’re Closing (For Now) So we’re closing. It’s been a fun ride for us, no thanks to you. But in the end, the man won. Apartments are moving in (don’t move there), and we are moving out. October 4th is the day, people. So come get some burgers and our signature service with a smirk Read More

Public Service Announcement (Cherry Went Viral)

Ed Debevic's waitress Cherry

We’ve been getting a lot of flack lately about a so called “rude” waitress of ours taking an order. First of all, this is Chicago, and we’re just being ourselves. Boston, San Francisco and Portland are doing a great job at being polite and boring, so let us do our job and hold it down Read More

Meet Colonel Mustard!

Colonel Mustard grew up in a normal town where he was raised by kind and loving parents. So why is he so angry, you ask?