Spring Activities in Chicago

Springtime is finally upon us! Or at least we hope it is. We at Ed’s love that you bum around here all the time, but we thought that with the weather gettin’ warmer we could suggest some places you and your little munchkins could roam around. Here are some of Ed’s Picks:

summertime chi

Young Kids:

Take your kids to the Apollo Theater for a showing of Fancy Nancy, The Musical. It runs from April 4th till April 26th and tickets range from $16.75-$29.50. Join Nancy with your kids (best for ages 3-9) as Nancy discovers how she must find her fancy flair when she is cast as a tree rather than the lead ballerina for her dance recital. Fancy Nancy is sure to have you and your kids smiling and laughing along as she, through kindness, must make the best out of her first dance recital. After all that dancing and laughing, we bet a big ol’ sundae would really hit the spot. Don’t be afraid to dance right in! We may even dance with you!

For a more outdoors experience, on May 2nd take your kids to the annual Kids and Kites Festival at Cricket Hill in Lincoln Park. There are going to be dozens, if not hundreds, of colorful flying kites filling the sky. The festival itself is completely free and free paper kites will be provided if you don’t have your own. Plenty of vendors will be there if you and your kids are looking for a more intricate flying creation. After all that flying, you’re sure to have worked up a big enough appetite to scarf down some Ed’s Outrageously Cheesy Fries! After all, flying is hard work when you’re having fun.

Older Kids:

For your older whippersnappers, why not take them to the Museum of Science and Industry’s newest traveling exhibit, Robot Revolution! Tickets are between $10-$18 and in this exhibit, which opens on May 21st, a variety of robots will be displayed showcasing the amazing leaps we have made with robots. Watch some walk up and down stairs, play another in tic-tac-toe, or even build your own little robot with Cubelets! Afterwards, go ahead and do the robot when you order you hearty lunch over here at Ed’s!

As kids, it was once our dream to run off and join the circus. Well, at Alternatives, Inc. the kids there did just that! The CircEsteem Family Circus showcases performances from children 3-18 years old. It’s bound to have your young ones gaping in amazement! This family circus starts Saturday, April 18th, and runs for two weekends. Tickets are $8 for kids and $16 for adults and it is located at 4730 N Sheridan Road. We wouldn’t be surprised if you all came back doing cartwheels! Show us what you’ve got!