Summer Fun in Chicago

Summer Activities for all agesEdDebevicsExterior

For kids in Chicago, the summer starts off with amazing freedom, the proceeds into a little bit of repetition and then falls into the boredom category. That is completely unacceptable. There are so many fun things to do around the city that no one should ever feel bored. Here are some great ways to keep summer fun even when it gets too hot to be outside.

Chicago Architecture Foundation – LEGO Build

This is an amazing place to visit, imagine more LEGOs than you can carry and then build something super cool. The Chicago Architecture Foundation on Jackson and Michigan, offers LEGO builds every Sunday afternoon from 11am to 2pm. Kids and parents can get their creative hats on and learn what the big buildings of Chicago need to stand strong for only $10 and $5 for members. Then you get access to your own creativity and can make your own skyscraper. All ages welcomed, but if you’re under 14 be sure to bring your favorite adult.


Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory

This has to be one of the most fun places in Chicago, walk around the conservatory and check out tropical plants, the fern room, the orchid room and many unique plants, flowers and fruits. Then the zoo is just a short walk away, and you can walk through the jungle, the planes, and the desert to see all of the animals. Seals, giraffes, and monkeys oh my! Each large animal has an indoor and an outdoor habitat and to see them in. There are also a ton of interactive signs that show you how your hand and a gorillas hand are different, and what the tusk of a rhinos is made of. Get ready for the polar tundra exhibit that is currently under construction.  Remember the zoo is free, and depends on donations. A great way to donate is with their pressed penny machines.

The Beach – Duh!

Nothing is quite like the beach in Chicago, when It’s hot out making a sandcastle and splash in the lake, or relax in the shade and watch the clouds and the waves. There are a ton of different beaches around Chicago and each one has unique water features, and places to relax. Summer is the best time to visit the beaches here and explore one you haven’t been to before.

If an Elephant Can Paint

What a fun place to cool off! Have fun painting ceramics  and creating usable plates and bowls. Great for any age, parties and for making gifts. Your piece will take a few days to be dried out and finished, so plan to come back in a week or so for you dish.