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We’re Closed! (For Now)

Ed Debevic's Closing

We are closed. (for now) Our thanks go out to Chicago and everyone who has visited us for the last 31 years for all the great memories we had at your expense.  It has been fun, and we can’t wait to continue making fun of you when we are back in 2016.  Follow us on social Read More

We’re Closing (For Now)

We’re Closing (For Now) So we’re closing. It’s been a fun ride for us, no thanks to you. But in the end, the man won. Apartments are moving in (don’t move there), and we are moving out. October 4th is the day, people. So come get some burgers and our signature service with a smirk Read More

Public Service Announcement (Cherry Went Viral)

Ed Debevic's waitress Cherry

We’ve been getting a lot of flack lately about a so called “rude” waitress of ours taking an order. First of all, this is Chicago, and we’re just being ourselves. Boston, San Francisco and Portland are doing a great job at being polite and boring, so let us do our job and hold it down Read More

Summer Fun in Chicago

Summer Activities for all ages For kids in Chicago, the summer starts off with amazing freedom, the proceeds into a little bit of repetition and then falls into the boredom category. That is completely unacceptable. There are so many fun things to do around the city that no one should ever feel bored. Here are Read More

Free Museum Days

Looking for something to do this summer? As the weather warms up, schools close and friends come into town there’s no need to break the bank to have some fun. Lucky for you each of Chicago’s museums have free and discounted admission days.  Remember that free days often require you to be an Illinois resident and Read More