New Winter Menu Items

Ed’s Winter Menu

Hey folks, we’re real tired of you being indecisive about what to order. So we’ll make it simple; Ed’s has three new winter items, and they’re all freakin’ delicious. Introducing chicken pot pie that’ll make your grandma doubt herself, a taco platter to let you pretend you’re cultural, and a French dip because we like saying au jus.  Pick one, eat, pay for it and get out.


Ed Debevic's Specials Menu


Our potpie has chunks of white meat chicken with veggies in a creamy white sauce with fresh buttery pie crust. This is an amazing balance of crunch and creamy. Get it to warm up, or just to bulk up a bit for the winter. We expect you to clean your plate, or you won’t get dessert.

Now we’ll explain what a taco is as if you’re some idiot who’s never heard of tacos before. They’re sorta like sandwiches but instead of bread, you load everything into a tortilla. Our taco platter includes four made to order tacos and all the fixings: lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and homemade salsa. You get to pick chicken or beef… but maybe you should just flip a coin to move this along.

Our French dip comes with au jus and fries. “Au jus” apparently means “with juice” or something in French, so they come with with juice. Beef juice. We load this amazing sandwich up with thinly sliced roast beef, caramelized onion, and melted Swiss cheese. It’s on a French roll. Duh. It’s called a dip, so dip that Frenchie in your beef juice and get it all soggy and hot and melty and awesome. You can dip your fries in au jus, too, if you’re a with with beef juice au jus freak. Knock yourself out.

If you need more than that maybe you should have researched this before you came here. How long did it take you to choose what fork to use for breakfast this morning? Just pick one and get out. Seriously you can’t go wrong with our winter menu.