Public Service Announcement (Cherry Went Viral)

We’ve been getting a lot of flack lately about a so called “rude” waitress of ours taking an order. First of all, this is Chicago, and we’re just being ourselves. Boston, San Francisco and Portland are doing a great job at being polite and boring, so let us do our job and hold it down like a real American city, capish?

What? You haven’t seen us in action? Check out how Cherry rolls:

We’re so famous; Chicago’s WGN News can’t get enough.
What’s wrong with that service? Nothing.

We already bring you the best hot dogs and hamburgers in Chicago, unlimited oxygen, and a free hat to boot. Now people have the nerve to question our customer service? Bologna.

Do you know why we dress like it’s the 1950’s? Because we’ve got it right here, and we ain’t changing a thing.
And for the last time, people – WE ARE NOT CLOSING. Can you understand that, or do we need to make a video for that too? We may be moving locations, but that’s in the future. Live for the moment.

Anyone who doubts our service should come in and try it out for yourself. We don’t disappoint, and we promise to play “nice” Chicago style. We might even do a dance for you.
Go Cherry, Go!

Yours truly,
Ed Debevics