Order Ice Cream to Win Prizes

Our first Ice Cream Raffle!

Shake Promo

Hey folks, we here at Ed’s know how much you love our shakes and sundaes. What if we told you that for every sundae and shake you order you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes? And not just any sort of prizes, but Ed’s swag and gift cards! That’s more money you could spend to buy more shakes! Or burgers! Or fries! Or even salad, we guess, if that’s what you’re into.

We know there’s nothing more comforting than shoveling delicious ice cream into your face, or slurping up one of our delicious chocolate, or vanilla, or butterscotch, or Oreo┬«, or banana–Whoa, we have a lot of awesome flavors–or strawberry shakes? Now you know that with every shake and sundae you’re entered to win free money or maybe even some Ed swag.

The Grand Prize

The grand prize winner gets a party for four people! (Psst, that’s a 100$ value, but we didn’t tell you that). Other prizes include 50$ gift cards, 25$ gift cards, and of course, some Ed Swag. If that doesn’t make our shakes and sundaes taste even better, we don’t know what will. This contest ends March 31st, 2015, so hurry in before all of our shakes and sundaes melt! (Just kidding we make them to order. You knew that though). This offer is not valid with any other discount or promotion. Winners will be notified by email, and there is only one winner per household allowed. Are you still reading? Stop and come in to get some ice cream!